Listen to My Heart: The Songs of David Friedman

Listen To My Heart – The Songs of David Friedman is a Musical Revue consisting of 29 songs by Today Show/Broadway/Disney/Cabaret composer David Friedman, performed by a cast of 5 singers with David at the piano. The songs in the show come from varied periods in David’s life and career: blockbuster movies, popular musicals, hilarious cabaret songs, chart-topping hits and anthems that have raised millions of dollars for worthy causes.

After greeting the audience, and explaining that his songs don’t come “from” him but rather “to” him, as “voices” in his head, David goes to the piano, and we meet those “voices” as the five singers who perform his songs throughout the evening

The songs take us through the stages of our lives, from our youthful ideas that life is only about ro-mance and success (What I Was Dreamin’ Of, Live It Up, Open Your Eyes to Love, Listen To My Heart) to hitting unexpected, unforeseen challenges just when we think we’ve gotten it all together (The Gift of Trouble, Catch Me, My Simple Christmas Wish) to the spiritual lessons these challenges teach us and the deeper understanding that the events of our lives can lead us to (We Can Be Kind, We Live on Borrowed Time, Help Is On The Way, I’ll Be Here With You). Ultimately, the audience is left not only entertained but with a deeper appreciation of the value and meaning of all aspects of their lives.



“Surprising! Affecting! Conveys a powerful emotion with clarity and simplicity.”
-The New York Times

“A joyous event!
Five glorious performers & the songs of David Friedman. This intimate musical review
could well be the start of an historic and lengthy stay at the Upstairs at Studio 54.”
“There are generations waiting to be invited to the celebration.”
“Waive the flags and be thankful for David Friedman and LISTEN TO MY HEART.”
-WBAI Radio

“A beautiful evening of optimism and who doesn’t need that?”
-NEXT Magazine

“There are a lot of reasons why singers love
singing the songs of David Friedman, and
they’re on full display in LISTEN TO MY HEART.”
-Show Business Magazine

“A touching, exceedingly wise, exceptionally witty
picture of desire, love and loss in the contemporary world.”
-American Theater Web

“Does justice to the expectations of a musical theater
audience starved for the songwriting verities of the golden past.”

“An evening of pure pleasure. LISTEN TO MY HEART will surely
make you better understand your own. Something magical
is happening Upstairs at Studio 54 eight times a week.”
-Long Island Herald

“Friedman’s music and lyrics were the heart and soul of
NANCY LAMOTT’s brilliant career and now a new generation
gives them continuing life.”
-WBAI Radio

“The entire cast is excellent, each singer bringing
something entirely different to the musical table – and
they sound like a gigantic choir when they sing as an ensemble.”
-Theater Mania

“David Friedman is a shaman. The OPRAH of song!”
-WMCA Radio

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