iLuminate, called “The best new act in America” by the judges of THE X FACTOR, is the brainchild of Miral Kotb, a woman whose true passions in life are dance and software engineering, which is why you’ll see her both manning the keyboard and dancing on stage.

In 2009, Miral combined her two passions to create our patented iLuminate technology, the tool that enables performers, choreographers, engineers, technicians, stylists and artistic directors to produce explosive performances with customized wireless lighting programs. The results are extraordinary lighting effects choreographed with phenomenal dance moves that take viewers on an exhilarating ride.


“This stunning light show is dazzling audiences daily.”

“The amazing iLuminate…electrifying dance performance…fantastic.”
— Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen

“They blew us all away with their innovative light suits and amazing dance moves.”
— Wendy Williams, The Wendy Williams Show

— NY1 News

“Check out iLuminate–it’s so mesmerizing–a mix of computer science and dance. “We cannot wait.” “Spectacular performance.”
— George Stephanopoulos, Good Morning America

“A dazzling display of technology coupled with some cool moves that wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent.”
— WCBS’ Live from the Couch

“Best new act in America.”
“By far, the best thing I have seen on this show.”
“You…are a world class act.”
— Piers Morgan, Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne, judges, Americas Got Talent

“The one-hour show of fast-paced dance, catchy music and aerial stunts is suitable for everyone, age 4 and up.”
— The New York Post

“Imagine a high-tech son et lumière (sound and light show) for the Apple age.”
— The New York Post

“iLuminate…is a favorite among choreographers and performers like the Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown and David Guetta. It’s easy to see why everyone is clamoring to get a piece of iLuminate.”
— The Bergen Record

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