Baby Mama

One woman’s true, hilarious, devastating story of placing her son for adoption.

Baby Mama: One Woman’s Quest to Give Her Child to Gay People tracks birth mother Mariah
MacCarthy’s true adoption journey, from conception to placement with the gay couple of her
dreams—while still living her life, dating, and attending the occasional orgy. From adoption
agencies to vaginal discharge, from burlesque to goodbyes, this intimate night of storytelling is
up close and personal. Bring hankies.

“Funny, moving, and unapologetically candid” (Time Out New York); “★★★★★! A shining
diamond of a show” (Broadway Baby); “Not to be missed” (San Diego Reader). Winner of The
Dr. Robert J. Thierauf Producer’s Pick Award of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival; nominated for
two New York Innovative Theatre Awards.

Written & performed by Mariah MacCarthy
Directed by Sara Lyons



“MacCarthy doesn’t pull any punches… funny, moving and
unapologetically candid …an entertaining slice of biography.”
-Time Out New York

“MacCarthy holds nothing back…With radical intimacy and humor , she
offers a candid look at love, family, friendship, and sacrifice–and there’s
even some burlesque to boot.”
-The Village Voice (“Voice Choice”)

“ A shining diamond of a show : beautiful storytelling and intimate
staging…a heartbreakingly cathartic experience that you should not
miss…I am not the only one to be moved to tears …If you go and see one
new show at the Fringe this year, make it this one .”
-Broadway Baby (★★★★★)

“What a discovery [MacCarthy] is…There’s no pretense…Refreshingly
bold… a welcome breath of fresh air …completely vulnerable.”
-Cincinnati CityBeat (Critic’s Pick)

“Brutally truthful, but in ways both refreshing to hear and
educational…MacCarthy’s story is charming and touching : lighthearted
at times, heart-wrenching at others, and not to be missed .”
-San Diego Reader

“MacCarthy gives us the full immersive experience…Her comfort with
telling this story as a performer is tempered by the difficulty the subject
causes her, and we feel the yearning in some moments and the release
of humour in others.”
-The Scotsman

“Raw and honest…an engaging performer…This is storytelling at its
purest. ”
-ThreeWeeks Edinburgh

“This is not your typical story of having a baby. This one is hilarious and
gross and heartbreaking and courageous …All throughout, you can hear
the love in her voice.”

“Provocative, heart-rending, and often raunchy… MacCarthy is a terrific
performer …honest, direct, and sassy delivery…stellar writing, fabulous
performance, and timely political focus… a remarkable and beautiful
-Theatre is Easy (“Best Bet”)

“Funny at some points and gross at others…always raw, unapologetic,
and incredibly honest .”
-Used York City

“Her story is both lightheartedly witty and devastatingly sad, boldly
provocative and painfully poignant .”
-Hi! Drama

“Tugs at your heart as [MacCarthy] shares an intimate and personal story
with no fear at all …MacCarthy beams with passion .”
-Theater in the Now

“Mariah’s script and performance are full of heart and an obvious labor of
love …It’s really funny, but never self-effacing. It’s incredibly tender, but
she doesn’t gloss over or trivialize the complicated parts…Will leave you
feeling compassionate, hopeful, and grateful.”
-New York Theatre Review

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